Monday, June 21, 2010

I Am Affectionate | Halifax, NS

During a recent online podcast about branding, J* (you've heard of her, right?) asked those in attendance to choose five words to describe themselves.

It's you the client chooses, not your photographs.  By viewing your pictures, your clients should get a sense of who you are.  Choose five words to describe yourself and then choose photographs that are the embodiment of those words.

I paraphrase, of course, because she states it much more eloquently.  And she makes it sound easy; for me, notsomuch.

The first word to come to mind for me was affectionate.  Yes, I'm a hugger.  And I encourage it during my sessions - I want you to hold hands, kiss, be affectionate.  You're taking pictures together because you're family and you love each other - I want to see it!

This picture describes it to a T - all wrapped up in each other.  It's perfect.  I almost want to snuggle in there with them.

My other descriptive words are harder to choose; I'll let you know when they come to me.


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