Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I Love - Sweet Potato Fries Halifax, NS

Well, that's not really true.  I don't generally LOVE sweet potato fries.  I like them, but I only order them on occasion.

But I really love the sweet potato fries at Montana's in Bayer's Lake.  Really.  Jason and I tend to end up there on Date Night, that one night every week or so when we can sit across from each other and have a conversation with no distractions.  He has a thing for the Goat Cheese Chicken Something or Other (I don't order it so I don't have to know the specific name).  I'm a picker - he lets me scoop some goat cheese off his plate even though he's not allowed anything from my plate - and the goat cheese is fab.u.lous! 

I get cranky when I'm hungry (you didn't know that?) so we sometimes order an appetizer to keep me happy.  We tried a few different things but hit the jackpot with the sweet potato fries - better than I've had anywhere else, they've now become our go-to app.  Try 'em, you won't be disappointed.  Then, take your receipt when you leave and fill out the customer survey online and get a code for a free app the next time you go back.  Win, win.

Oh, if you're going and want company, give me a buzz.




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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Perfecting the Stirfry | Halifax, NS

Admittedly, I'm not much of a cook.  I mean, I can cook.  Really, I can.  But since Jason moved in, he's taken over the cooking responsibilities.  When it's my turn, we go out for dinner.  

Lately, though, we've come up with a shared meal:  he barbecues us some delicious steak, while I take on the stirfry in the kitchen.  I throw whatever veggies we have on hand into a frying pan, add some sauce, stir, and I'm done.  Easy peasy.  Except there are two things we have in the house that we love in the stirfry that I regularly forget.  Pineapple and almonds.  I usually remember after the meal is over.  Way too late then!

On the menu tonight:  steak and stirfry.  I better get the almonds and pineapple out.

From the last time we cooked together...

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photo Project: Motion | Halifax, NS

Part of the photography journey is practicing your craft.  I'm lucky enough to be part of wonderful photography community where we share tips, tricks, and encouragement.  In order to better ourselves, we have weekly assignments - someone picks a topic, we all go out and try to capture a photo that embodies that topic, then we critique each photo.  It helps us stretch our muscles to take better pictures, but also helps us to look at someone else's work with a more critical eye.

This week's assignment:  Motion.

My nephew, Nicholas, and I put his dog, Sebastien, to work for this one...

I think we did a pretty good job of capturing Sebastien's motion.  Next week's assignment:  Yellow.  
Oh dear.

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