Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Night Before...

Writing comes easiest to me when I'm emotional.  The words dance around in my head and snake their way into sentences.  Tonight I am emotional and there's lots of dancing going on.

Jason and I are heading home tomorrow and I so don't want this trip to end.  For so many reasons.  We have had the most peaceful, relaxing two weeks you can imagine.  We have hung out with my folks and talked about nothing, no worries, no life-altering events.  We've skirted around all that for the most part, skimming over it, but not dwelling on it.  No, this trip was to forget about it, to forget about what's to come.  And for the most part, we did.  Or pretended we did.  It creeps into my brain ever so slowly, and I smack it away again.

Until today.  There it is, we head home tomorrow and get into doctors' appointments next week.  There will be no skirting it then.  So it's in my head as I say my goodbyes to the wonderful people my parents have in their lives.  People who hug me, pray for me, and honestly wish me well.  Mom, Dad, Jason and I settle in for a final supper together (Papa John's pizza - so very delicious that we had it three times while we were here!) and it's in my head.  I want it to go away for just one more night, so I smack it away, just for a little while.

Now it's late.  We still need to pack.  Hopefully I can keep the thoughts at bay for just a little while longer...


Monday, March 14, 2011

I See You...

There are so many of you that have visited my blog in the last few months.  I love each and every one of the visits that I get.  Some of you come from Nova Scotia, some from Florida, and some from South Africa.  These places are where my family are located but I also see visitors from Ontario, California, Alberta, New Hampshire, and Kentucky!  And these are just a few of the places - it amazes me where you all come from.

I know some of you who visit are family or friends, some of you are friends of my family members, some are fellow photogs who happen by, and some of you end up here accidentally.  It doesn't matter to me how you got here, I'm just glad to have you.

And for those of you who come back day after day on purpose to check in on me - I thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming by and spending part of your day with me, for praying for me, for sending me good thoughts.  I am truly grateful.

I used to think my cousin, Shelley, was the only one reading the blog (she's faithful!) but I'm genuinely touched when someone tells me they're reading or someone reminds me of something I've posted.  Marion, thank you for the reminder tonight that people are stopping by - it's nice to know you start your day with me.  :-)

A recent camera phone picture Jason snapped while we were out for our walk.