Friday, March 30, 2012

You Are My Hero | Sydney, NS

Many years ago, I worked the cash at the pizza shop, Kenny's Pizza, which was just down the road from home.  There were certain perks to working there - pizza, of course.  The cooks would throw together a pizza burger for me, or if we were all hungry, they'd whip us up a pizza.  Sometimes I'd get to decide what kind we'd have (Pep and Cheese, please), sometimes I'd let them experiment and they'd throw on whatever they were in the mood for that night (hamburger, onions, salami, you name it).

On one occasion, Robbie, the cook that night, suggested I try a Hero Sandwich instead of pizza.  I scrunched up my nose and shook my head.  "I'm sure they're delicious, but nuh-uh, no thank you."   "Come on," he said, "try it, if you don't like it, I"ll make you a pizza."  *sigh* Fine.



What could a Hero Sandwich be, you're wondering... it is a bun with donair sauce, pepperoni, ham, salami, donair meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese all nice and toasty from the oven.

So delicious.


Kenny's Pizza has since expanded the business and opened shops all over Cape Breton Island.  Each and every time I head home, it is the one place I make sure I go, sometimes for pizza, sometimes for a hero sandwich.  And, yes, sometimes for both.

This last trip home was no exception.  I had a late night snack from Kenny's on my first night there.  It was so good, a few days later we stopped in Sydney River on our way out of town and picked up a treat to bring back to Halifax with us.

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