Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Flu Lives Here | Halifax, NS

Maybe it's not the flu, but "The Flu Lives Here" was shorter than "We're Both Sick With Some Sort of Twenty-Four Hour Stomach Virus."

I got it last week.  I awoke in the early morning hours, 5am or so.  I felt tired but couldn't sleep and thought the lack of sleep was upsetting my tummy, that perhaps I was just overtired.  Then the chills started, followed by hot flashes.  Within a couple of hours, the bug had hit full on and I was done.  It only lasted 36 hours or so, but it took me a while longer before I could eat a full meal - fear kept me from filling my belly too much!

Fast forward to last night... Jason started feeling nauseous.  A couple of hours later and it hit him.  Hard.  He was up all night.  I managed to get some sleep off and on but felt so helpless watching him.  All I could do was pass him some water and a cold cloth.  He did manage to get to sleep at 10 o'clock this morning and now 24 hours since it started, he is just getting something into his stomach.  Fear is keeping him from filling his belly too much, too!

I hear from others that the bug is going around.  I hope it's done living here, and I hope it doesn't come to your home.  It's quick visit, but not a lot of fun.


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