Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Love My Job

... not my day job, of course. I mean, it's okay and I work with some great people and I'm glad I have it *ahem*in case my boss is reading this*ahem* but it's the other job that I love. The one where I get to go on adventures and meet new people.

I am shy by nature; shy and afraid of the unknown. I was the little girl who clung to her mother on the first day of school, the one who needed someone to walk with her to the corner store because there might be people there, the one who would stand in the corner and watch other people instead of joining in and meeting someone new. I never fully outgrew that little girl. I've changed and grown up, but instinctively I'd rather sit on the sidelines and hope no one notices me.

But put a camera in my hands and that little girl disappears. Since I've started on my little photography journey I've met some great people I'd otherwise never have known. I love that I get a little glimpse into their lives, into their corner of the world. And that I get to pause this little moment in time for them, for who they are right now, to remember years down the road.

Today I got to meet this little girl. She will never be the little girl I was so many years ago. I walked into the house and instantly we were friends. She looked at me with her big eyes and talked about Dora, having her toenails painted, and the birthday party she was going to later this afternoon. But, really, she had me at "You're here to take our picture!"

So much fun. I'll do a proper blog of her pictures in the next few days, this one shot of attitude will have to do for now.



  1. we are lucky you picked up the camera!! smh

  2. Great capture... you can see some innocence but also some attitude... she's really cute.

    Curious, i noticed that you tend to have the highlights leaning to the overexposed side. Is this a style of yours?

  3. It was a really fun shoot but so tough lighting-wise - the sun was super bright and add in some sand and water. It was a learning experience, for sure, and will take some practice to get it right. Give me a cloudy overcast sky any day!

  4. That is a great Kid poster for 'Say No to drugs, sex, or just about anything! Or just say No!
    Her Nan