Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shelly & Randy: The E Session

They talked about avocados and coffee; they stopped for Beavertails and ice cream and planned supper. Anything to distract themselves from their friend following them around with the camera. They needn't have worried for they brought a real life distraction in the form of Ira, their beautiful husky. He was on his best behaviour and preened for the camera.

Shelly and Randy, I hope you enjoyed the afternoon. I had a great time traipsing around downtown and I think we got some fun shots. Thanks to the other Shelley for stepping in to be the dog whisperer for just a little while.

Click here to see some more shots from the afternoon.

This is one of my favourites...



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  1. The shots look GREAT!! and very much Halifax w the waterfront! Nice work!! smh