Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sarah & Jerry - The E Session

Nerves! I discovered I have them. And they get to me before every photoshoot. It doesn't matter what kind of shoot (baby, family or engagement) or if it's with old friends or new friends, I still get them. I suppose that's a good thing; it shows I'm still aiming to please and anxious to do a good job.

I got them again yesterday before Sarah and Jerry's Engagement Session. And they were all for nothing, we had a great time wandering around the Halifax waterfront, trying different things out, and we ended up with some fun shots.

Sarah and Jerry, I hope you like the shots we took; I really enjoyed the shoot and am glad we were able to find some time to get together this week. You guys have a lot going on over these next few months, I hope you take the time to just enjoy it all. Have a great trip to Cape Breton and Best Wishes for your future together.

Here are just a few random pictures; for more, check out the slideshow.




  1. maybe the nerves are part of your mojo - it all works to produce some amazing.... sorry stunning pictures! smh

  2. I always got the nervous butterflies too! and then somebody told me that if I believe in myself and believe I can do the task at hand, the nerves will eventually go away.... believe in yourself, you can do it!!

  3. I love the shot with the ring on the rock and them behind it! Soooo cool!