Saturday, March 6, 2010

Online Hosting | Halifax, NS Photography

I'm shaking up the biz a little bit this days and am currently looking for an online hosting site, somewhere my clients can get some decent prints printed.

I know the big ones out there:  pictage, smugmug, mpix, pickpic, but they each have such different options and pricing and catalogues that I get dizzy trying to sort it all out.

Here's ideally what I'd like out of my hosting company:
  • inexpensive (for both me and my clients), but not cheap.
  • quality prints and assorted other products (proofbooks, matboard, canvas, etc)
  • able to ship to canada
  • shipping directly to the client
  • pricing in Canadian dollars would be nice
  • no minimum order
  • digital files available for sale to clients
  • adjustable pricing that I get final say on
I thought I had narrowed the field and found a site, but their recommended $7.00 for a 4X6 print turned me away.

But, if any of you fellow photogs want to weigh in on how you do and what site you use or don't use, I would LOVE it if you would share your information with me!  It would be a huge huge huge help to know how others get it done.


email:  karenk{at}


  1. I'm currently using smugmug....shoot me an email and we'll chat

  2. Hi Karen,

    Have you considered printing yourself? It would involve the initial investment of a pro-grade printer, which would also be a tax write off, but you could then better control your pricing. After a few shoots you would most likely earn back your initial investment.

    Enjoying your blog.


  3. Hey Darren, I don't really have the time to devote to printing; I'd like to streamline and outsource the printing as much as possible. Last year, I spent too much time post-processing and not enough shooting so this year I'm determined to shoot more and make the rest of the process nice and easy. We'll see how that goes. :-)