Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Birthday Season 2010 | Birthday Photography | Halifax, NS

It seems most people have a particular time of year they spend celebrating personal milestones more than any other time of year.  As I stated in this post, in my little corner of the world that time runs from the end of January to the beginning of April.  Add in some milestone birthday sessions and I've seen a lot of cake in the past few months!

These first three come from the same party.  When you turn 100, you deserve three cakes!

These next two shots were posted before, but cake and cupcakes were so fab they deserve to be posted again.  Again, a milestone birthday - a one year old, this time.

Another milestone?  Yes, please...

Ahhhhh, no milestone birthday for me this year but I still get two cakes.   The first one is my work cake (excuse the poor quality of the picture) and the second is my family cake...

Another milestone one year old birthday cake...

40?  No way.  Yep...
And for my new roommate, two cakes...

... and the end of this year's birthday season; it was a good one.  I'm blessed to be able to share in so many celebrations with family and friends and new friends I've made because of my camera.



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  1. i think i've hit the sugar crash! love, smh

  2. Holy Cow that is a lot of cake! 100 years old is a huge milestone- how fun!