Sunday, March 27, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect...| Halifax, NS

Practice does make perfect, it's true.  That's what they tell you when you're learning to read, when you're learning to write, when you're learning to ride a bike, it makes me a better photographer, a better writer, even a better person.

The concept is not hard to master - you'd like to be good at something so you do it over and over and over again, each time getting just a little bit better at it.  Perfect is hard to come by, some times it is even unattainable, but getting better and better with practice and patience is worth all the effort.

I've been practicing a lot this week.  Before I can begin my chemo and radiation treatments, my doctors recommended I have my two remaining wisdom teeth extracted.   Should they remain, they could cause a problem if they become infected while I have no immune system.  That wouldn't be fun!

So I've decided to practice my wisdom tooth extraction recovery in the best way possible...

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  1. i still say it's too cold for ice cream. now if you had brought back some nice weather, different discussion..... love you! smh

  2. Is Tuesday the day? Good luck, we'll be thinking about you. Let us know how everything goes. Love you, Mom & Dad

  3. Make sure your ice cream, oops, I mean extraction recovery treatment, doesn't have little seeds.

    Thinking of you,

  4. I forgot about the seeds! thanks, Shawnee!