Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Radiation Treatments | Halifax, NS

It's that time... back to treatments.  Radiation starts tomorrow.  I've been anxious to get going with this next step.  I had my markings/tattoos done a few weeks ago.  That appointment consisted of a meeting with one of the technicians who gave me the lowdown on the markings and how my actual radiation treatments would go.

The markings are pretty painless.  The technicians get you situated on the radiation bed and then line you up properly.  I felt a little silly, laid out on the table, my breast exposed, and three women leaning over me deep in thought.  I couldn't move so I couldn't tell what it was they were looking at.  I'd glance down occasionally and one of the technicians would gently move my chin back, out of the way.  A light overhead had a little strip of metal that provided a glimpse but the angle wasn't quite correct and I still couldn't see.  So instead I continued to feel silly, wondering what the heck they were doing!

Once I was all lined up, it was time for the tattoos.  I've always wanted a tattoo, I just never imagined having to go through all of this to get one!  While I was all lined up on the table, four tattoos were placed on my chest - two in between my breasts and two along my side.  They were mostly painless, each consisting of a single prick of a needle.  But I'm now over the need to have a tattoo.

One of the kids in my life asked if I minded having the tattoos - nope, I know having them will help make me better so it's okay with me.  The youngest asked if I had used soap on them to make them go away. :-)

So here I am, all ready to go.  I've been given a list of possible side effects along with a list of creams, gels, and soaps to use to combat any skin irritation.  Here's hoping it goes smoothly.

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  1. thinking of you today! love you! smh

  2. We're thinking of you today also. As we have been every day since December 22nd. Hope all goes well in the next few weeks and that the time goes quickly and painlessly. Love you, Mom & Dad.