Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things Are Rosy | Halifax, NS Breast Cancer Patient

Literally.   My breast has turned a pretty shade of pink from the radiation.  The area near my lymph node incision, though, has turned maroon and burns like a son of a bitch.  Yes, that much.  

I rolled through radiation treatments and thought I got off scott free with nothing more than a little fatigue.  The burn hit at the end of treatments, once I was done seeing the therapists each day.  I thought it would go away in a couple of days but, boy, was I wrong.   After a visit to the doctor, a phone consultation with the nurse, and a couple of trips to the pharmacy, I am on some new meds and using cream to help fix things up.  There's been no change yet, but I am optimistic.

We're also back where we were right after surgery - I can't get dressed or undressed by myself anymore.  Jaaaaaaaaason, come help me...  I hope he's not tired of me yet. 

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  1. hopefully it will all be better quickly! love you! smh

  2. Cream that boob and cream it and cream it and cream it. Soon it will be soft and smooth like it used to be. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love you, Mom