Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life As I Know It... | Halifax, NS Breast Cancer Patient about to change.

Surgery is over, treatments are done, recovery is going well - it's time to put this baby to bed and get back to my life.  It's time to close the door on the cancer chapter of my life and move onto the next one.

I have angst as I move on.  I'm excited to get back to the day job where I get to see my work friends again and get back into a steady routine, but I have butterflies as I think about getting back into the day to day work.

When I was ten years old, I was out of school for a couple of weeks.  I don't remember why - likely a cold/flu concoction; I remember earaches, fevers and a late night trip to the emergency room.  My time off school wasn't terribly long, but in the mind of a ten year old, it felt like forever.  Not that I minded being off, but I was afraid to go back and was full of butterflies in my tummy.  I was afraid of all that I had missed, all the school work to catch up on, all the schoolyard cliques that would have been formed while I was away.  Will I remember everything?  Would my seat still be in the same spot and would my best friends be excited to see me or would they have forgotten about me while I was gone?  Yes, it was only two or three weeks but it felt like a lifetime.

Now I again have butterflies.  The ten year old deep inside wonders if her seat will still be in the same spot and if her best friends will be excited to see her.  

It feels as though it's been a lifetime...

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  1. it has certainly been a life-altering time away. butterflies are normal - this is another change. a good one, you are healthy again, but you know how we are with change. we need to find you another 'left, left, shake' mantra. the good thing is you have a lot of wonderful people at work who had supported you through this journey, i have full faith you will do great... as soon as you find your seat. love you! smh

  2. I'm sure there will be a ton of open arms waiting to hug you. Best wishes on to the next journey of life!