Monday, July 18, 2011

Whatchyou talkin about, Willis? | Halifax, NS

I'm a little perplexed about the blog.  Now that my world is getting back to normal, what do I do with the blog?  I mean, if you're here to see some pretty pictures, you're probably a little surprised at all the talk about breasts.  

Let's be honest, when it was just pictures there weren't too many people popping by.  Then I started talking about breasts and cancer and what a wreck I was and more people started popping in.  I like that.

So I'm going to do what feels right for me.  I'm going to keep talking about breasts and cancer (because it's important!) aaaaaaand I'm going to start showing you some more pretty pictures again (because that's what I love).  I'll throw in a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  It's all a big jumbled mess of who I am.  And I like it.

Thanks for stopping by; I'm glad you're here!


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  1. I'm here just about every day to see what you're up to. Since we only talk once a week of so, I enjoy a little tidbit every now and then and some pictures here and there. Also enjoyed the title today. It took me back a few years. I'll be watching for the next tale. Love you, Mom

  2. there are no rules in life - you go where the words or pics take you. love you! smh

  3. You go girl! That's what a blog is for...what YOU want to make of it...