Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kathleen and Brett | Halifax, NS, Wedding Photographer

I see the posts on his wall.  He proclaims his love for her and his excitement about their upcoming wedding.  He counts down the days til he gets to marry the love of his life.  Just seven more to go.

She is my pod mate, sitting only a few feet away from me.  I see her excitement when he calls and I hear her whispered goodbyes... "I love you, Babe."  

Yesterday, she and I talked about their upcoming wedding day.  We talked about the particulars and how the day would flow.  "I don't care, in the end I just want to be married to him."  Sigh.  That's what it's all about and they are both so excited for their marriage, to be together as one.  And so it shall be... next week they will pledge their love to each other in front of their friends and family.

A peek at some of Kathleen and Brett's engagement photos, shot on a cccccold day in Bayer's Lake, a windy evening at Lawrencetown Beach, then on to a relaxing set at Porter's Lake. 


Kathleen and Brett, I cannot wait til next Saturday, to capture your love and excitement at being husband and wife.  
I am honoured to be able to spend the day with you.

Mad love,

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  1. wow, they sound like soul mates, i hope next week is the start of a long and happy life together. love, smh