Friday, February 3, 2012

Celebrating Canciversaries | Halifax, NS, Breast Cancer Survivor

It was just a regular day.  Get up, go to work, nothing special.  But it was special, it was a year later, a year since I was diagnosed.  My team sent me flowers.  A few of us went out for dinner to celebrate.  We weren't celebrating my cancer, we were celebrating the year.  A year of ups and downs and struggles, but a year I survived.  One year stronger.

And today?  Today I celebrate again.  This one will be a quiet celebration, no flowers, no dinner, just thanks.  Thanks to the doctors and nurses, for it was a year ago today they took the cancer.  Thanks to their skill, they got it all.

I won't be celebrating all my cancer victories.  Each step along the way was a struggle and a victory:  diagnosis, surgery, bandages come off, I stopped leaking, my scar is healing, no chemo, radiation starts, radiation ends, I feel good, life gets back to normal, my oncologists give me the all-clear!  Each step was important.  But I will forever remember December 22 (diagnosis) and February 3rd (cancer-free).  My life was forever changed on those two days.  And now I'm one year stronger...

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  1. i am thankful that you are here celebrating the milestones. love you! smh

  2. I adore you Kare! This is incredible!


  3. you are inspirational. you've come a long way, baby!