Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That Sounded Better in My Head | Halifax, NS, Breast Cancer Survivor

Today I saw oncologist number three.  Well, technically, he was oncologist number one, but he happens to be the third (and final) oncologist who gets to give me the all clear.  He was the first oncologist I saw after being diagnosed and he started me on my road to treatment.  He was my surgeon, who took great care in making sure I had all the facts and that I made an informed decision on my treatment.

My surgery went well, my scar isn't disturbing, and Dr. P took enough tissue around the cancer to ensure it was gone!  I've seen many other doctors since my surgery and they have all commented on the great job Dr. P did.  Had he not done such a great job, I may have had to have another surgery, or my treatment could have taken a different path.  He, in essence, created a great starting point, and each doctor, resident, or nurse I've seen since then has mentioned it.

Today's appointment consisted of an exam and a little conversation about where I go from here treatment-wise.  I like to be supportive and I like to tell people when they are doing a good job, so I thought I'd tell Dr. P what a great job he did.  Confidently, I said, "For the past year everyone who has seen my scar says what a great job you did!"

In case that wasn't enough, I said it again, "Everyone who sees it says how good it looks!"

Did I mention the scar is on my breast?  Or that I didn't specify to him that it was doctors who were looking at it?  Did I notice a glimmer of confusion?  A hint of, "Oh dear, who has this woman been showing her breasts to?"

Things always sounds better in my head; perhaps I should keep the pep talks to myself.

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  1. Your scar is beautiful :) Ily plus 2

  2. i'm not entirely convinced it was just doctors looking at your scar. yes a lot of medical people, but a few of us non-medicals as well. regardless dr p did a fabulous job, and i remember what a relief it was when he came out to talk to us after the surgery - another great milestone! love you! smh

  3. lol smh, I want to be clear that I wasn't flashing it randomly! Oh wait, maybe I was... xoox

  4. Maybe we should ask all who have had a look to post here and then we can decide for ourselves if you are a brazen hussey. Congratulations on being discarded by your surgeon. :) Love you, Mom

  5. lol Mom! Congratulations on your discarding, too - you got yours more quickly than I got mine. xoxo

  6. man you guys are having some of the best breakups! you are both inspirational! love, smh

  7. LOL, I love everything about this post!!!