Sunday, August 5, 2012

Counting down - 11 months | Halifax, NS, Bride-to-Be

When you moved in, I didn't know what to expect.  We were friends, but I had never lived with someone I wasn't related to.  Remember the list?  I sent you a pre-emptive list of some of my quirks.  It wasn't inclusive - I didn't want to admit to everything!  I included how we'd share the groceries, thoughts on laundry, and my emergency contact person.

Then there was my hair.  It needed to go on the list.  I was afraid my scary morning hair would drive you away.  But it didn't.  And you settled right in.  I was a little nervous leaving you in my apartment that first morning when I went to work.  Am I really doing this?  Did I just make a huge mistake?  Argggghhhh.

But soon I'd come home from work to find dinner for two ready and on the table.  And soon we'd start hanging out together, we'd shop for groceries together, we'd go for dinner together, we'd go for drives together.  The feelings started and we became a couple.  It was no longer you and me, it was us and we began to fall in love.

How could I not fall in love with you?  You are adorable and so kind.  You made me feel special, you took care of me before I needed taking care of, and you made doing nothing fun.  You were the part of my life that was missing and you made me feel whole.

Then I got sick.  Even before we knew it was cancer, you promised me it would be okay.  You promised you'd take care of me.  You promised we'd get through it together.

And there you were through thick and thin, through the scars and bandages, through tears and fear.  There you were taking care of me, holding me tight, telling me it would be okay.

It was then that I knew you would be around forever.  When I was at my lowest, you were there holding me up.  When you could have turned and walked away, you held on tight.  The good, the bad, and the ugly - you were sticking around for it all.

And I fell deeper in love with you.

We weathered the past year, dealing with more sickness and struggles.  We held on tight and got through it.  Still, we manage each and every day to get through it.  Side by side.

And now we plan a lifetime together.  Next July, I will say yes to everything.  Yes, in sickness and health.  Yes, to love and honour.  Yes, to good times and bad.  Yes, to you, my love.

For real, for ever, and for always.

And I can't wait!



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