Friday, November 6, 2009

Shelly & Randy ~I Do~

I've been delaying this post because I'm afraid I just wouldn't be able to do this couple or their day justice. You may remember Shelly and Randy from their engagement session, which you can see here.

Shelly and Randy are fantastic people who wanted their wedding day to be fun and relaxing, and to be surrounded by the people they loved. Mission accomplished.

We had gorgeous weather so immediately following the ceremony we wandered their neighbourhood and found perfect spots to get some photos...

I loved their first dance as husband and wife - it was cute and spontaneous and in the middle of the street! Although I was the only one who got to witness it, it was as though I weren't even there; the Bride and Groom had their own little private moment, just the two of them...

Off we went next to Horseshoe Island. It's not really an island, not even close, but it was a perfect spot on the water, with a yacht club nearby so loads of water craft around.

Talk about a fun Bridal Party. For real.

After the photos, it was off the Shelly's parents' house for a backyard barbecue. It was perfect. When I get married, I wonder if her parents will host my reception. Given that I don't yet have a man who has asked, they have some time to decide. :-)

This is Ira. The four-legged member of this family.
He was there for every part of this very special day.

Such a fun, fun day and I'm so glad I got to be a teeny part of it. As usual, just click on each photo above to see the full sized version. Click here to see their ~I Do~ slideshow.




  1. Deirdre MombourquetteSeptember 10, 2011 at 4:29 PM

    Gorgeous pictures!! You really managed to capture the joy of the day.