Saturday, November 7, 2009

Karla & Justin

... ♥ Crazy in Love ♥

These two are seriously crazy about each other - and you can see it in every one of their pictures.

Karla is one of my best girlfriends.  We were lucky enough to practically share cubicle space at the same job six years ago.  Six years later and we're still at the same job - both of us in different positions but still no more than a stone's throw away from each other (well, a stone's throw if I had a good arm; the way I throw, I'd definitely hit an unsuspecting co-worker).

Karla met Justin earlier this year and it didn't take long before they were pretty smitten with each other.  I met him about a month later and he instantly got my stamp of approval (because it was required! at least in my head it was).  He's a good guy and he makes her happy, that's all I ask for; the flowers and neverending terms of endearment are just a bonus.

We headed out to Lewis Lake to get some fall shots (just because!).  One of my other besties, Dy, came along to get some different angles.  It's so nice to have a second-shooter!  I think I might have to do that more often, bring someone along and see what perspective they get.

As a disclaimer, I've labeled this session as "engagement" but it is not; perhaps some day far away in the future, we may find ourselves shooting their engagement session but this one was just for fun!  But it looks like it could be an engagement session so if anyone viewing this is newly engaged, don't these shots give you some great ideas?    I love engagement sessions - you bring the love, I'll bring the camera.

To see Karla & Justin's slideshow, click here.



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