Sunday, May 9, 2010

Georgia | ♥ Baby Love ♥ | Halifax, NS Baby Photography

I'd like for you to meet little Miss Georgia.  She is now officially my youngest subject at ten days old and she is just perfect.  Her first-time parents were like old pros with her and I could feel the love as soon as I entered their home.  What a lucky little girl she is.

We started the session where I start most of my baby sessions - on her parents' bed.  There are a couple of reasons to start here:  little baby, big bed = cute! and the bedroom sessions give everyone some time to ease in to the shoot and get comfortable before we start moving around your home.

Love the way Daddy looks at her...

We stopped for a little feeding and some cuddle time with Mommy...

I love baby feet, have you noticed?

Dad is a fan of..., well, of someone.  Someone named Manning, apparently.  The Colts, perhaps.  Football?  I should remember, he'll hate me for forgetting, I'm sure (I kid!).  I should google...
I googled, the Colts it is!!  I foresee lots of Father/Daughter bonding watching some Sunday afternoon football... at least til she can walk.  I kid, I kid.

And my favourite...

I hope you're all enjoying your first Mother's Day together!

And a special Happy Mother's Day to my Mom - I love you!


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  1. great shots kare - they look happy! love smh