Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Turn to Cook, The Sequel | Halifax, NS

I've still been deliciously spoiled, having meal after meal cooked for me.  I know how incredibly lucky I am and every once in awhile I take my turn cooking for my friend.

This time we went to Opa!  It's how I cook when it's my turn.  You remember Opa!, don't you?  It looks like this...

We had a wonderful meal.  I opted to try the pork and chicken souvlaki with lemon potatoes and Greek salad.  'Twas fab.

He tried the chickpea salad with calamari and octopus.  He said it was delicious and offered a bite but I wasn't feeling brave enough to try octopus.

Midway through our meal, the lights were dimmed in the restaurant.  I thought, "Ooooh, how romantic!"  His thought was out loud, "What the... how come it's so dark in here?!"


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