Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post Surgery Tales - Boy Was I High | Halifax, NS

As you know, I woke up crying.  Yay, I made it through!  It took me a while to get the grogginess out, but before long the nurse was getting me up out of bed and on my way.

To help get me up, the nurse put my housecoat on my right arm (the surgery side) and flung the other side around my back.  I asked her to help me get it on.  "No.  Do it yourself."  "Hmmmm, you're kind of mean."  I said it out loud.  I managed to get the housecoat on, but my legs were like jello; surely she would help me out of bed.  "No.  Do it yourself."  "Wow.  You really are mean."  Yep, I said that one out loud, too.  I knew she just wanted me to get started doing things for myself, but I was high and thought it was funny to tell her she was mean.  We had a giggle about it and she gave me a hug before I left.  Turns out she's from Glace Bay and she whispered in my ear, "Us Cape Breton girls have to stick together."

My friend, Dyane, was with the family to greet me after surgery.  She brought me a cute little stuffed bear.  A half hour or so later in the car on the way home, I realized I didn't know if I thanked her for it.  As a matter of fact, I didn't even know if it was intended for me - I may have just seen it in her hands, grabbed it, and got into the car.  It's possible given how high I was.  And really, look how cute it is... it must have been for me. :-)


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  1. boy you were high - and funny. and done, it was over, we were all so relieved! but we may need to adopt dy - she knows too many stories!!! love you! smh