Friday, February 4, 2011

I Woke Up Crying | Halifax, NS

I felt the tears fall down the side of my face as the nurse spoke to me, "Karen, what's wrong?"  "I'm just so happy," I responded.  I tried, but I couldn't stop.  My eyes fluttered open and closed again.  My lids were too heavy and my eyes weren't ready to focus on the room.  The nurse had stepped away and gone back to her desk.  She wanted me to stop crying:  "I can't help you if you keep crying."  She quietly came back and I asked her to wipe away the tears and she asked why I was crying.  "I'm just so happy it's over."

My day was pretty intense yesterday, to say the least.  I have much to share, but for now it's just a sigh and a smile.  I made it through.


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  1. Thank Goodness that is over. Following your journey and praying for quick healing and strength to endure!

  2. happy tears are good. xo mk

  3. I love you Kare! xo KF

  4. We are all so glad it's over. I think I cried the same tears for the same reason many years ago. It's a good feeling to have this part over. smh says you're doing very well today. Hope you'll call later. Love you, Mom

  5. so happy to hear it went well:) thinking of you lots- Melissa P

  6. whew, that's done. Happy tears are always nice. Glad it went well. :) ♥