Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kathleen and Brett - We're Going to the Chapel | Halifax, NS, Wedding Photographer

Kathleen and Brett's ceremony was at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Halifax.  It's such a pretty church and I just found out that it's the same church that my mom was baptized in.

The guys sneak in the side door and head to the back room...


Kathleen is most definitely a Daddy's Little Girl; her face lights up when she talks about him. 
During his speech later that evening, he spoke of the moments before they walked down the aisle, 

of the nerves his daughter had, of how he told her to just hang on tight. 

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  1. wow - i didn't know your mom was baptized up here! great shots kare - it was a beautiful day! love, smh

  2. smh - she was born here, they lived on Henry St, around the corner from the church.

  3. maybe she should move back home :) TGIF! love, smh