Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kathleen and Brett - The Ten Minute Rule | Halifax, NS, Wedding Photographer

My fab photog friends, Justin & Mary Marantz, are sharers.  They share business ideas, posing tips, equipment information.  You name it, they share it.  I found their blog a few years ago and follow it religiously... I blogstalk them daily.  In the photography world, that is a-okay.

I've gotten so many tips from Justin & Mary, but I think my favourite is the Ten Minute Rule - immediately following the ceremony, Justin & Mary get the bride and groom all to themselves for ten minutes.  In reality, this gives the bride and groom a few minutes to breathe, to let it sink it, to have an "ahhhhhhhhh we're married!!!" moment.

Kathleen and Brett's Ten Minute Rule wasn't ten minutes, but it was amazing.  It lasted as long as they needed it to last.  There was no posing, no direction, just time for them to be in the moment, to be together, and it was perfect.



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