Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We breathed a collective sigh... | Sydney, NS, Breast Cancer Treatment

We paced, the three of us.  We had been sitting and waiting for hours and we could sit no longer.  Mom was in surgery and Dad, Lori, and I waited.  We had Jason and Gary (Lori's husband) waiting with us, but we finally left them in the waiting area and the three of us paced, waiting for the doctor.

Mom was diagnosed a month ago.  Just as I was getting the all clear from my oncologist, she was getting the news that she once again had breast cancer.   She and I sat last night and discussed our surgeries, mine from six months ago and hers from 24 years ago, about how well we got through them, and about how well she would get through this one. 

Deep inside, though, we all harboured our fears.  And today we paced.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the doctor appeared to tell us everything went just as planned, she was waking up, was in just a little pain, but she was doing great.  And there was a collective sigh of relief, some tears, and lots of hugs.

It was another couple of hours before we got to see her, but as they wheeled her toward me she waved and smiled.  The nurses settled her into her own room, she had a satisfying dinner, and is getting some rest tonight after a very long day.


Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts - we are strong believers in the power of prayer and positive thinking and we are so thankful for so many of you who were thinking of us today.

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  1. i remember how relieved we were when dr p came out to tell us how well you had done, and am so glad you got to have that experience today.... although with a little planning, perhaps you could have found three trees that needed chopping.... LOVE YOU ALL! smh

  2. Great news. Wish your mum a speedy recovering! Love from the UK :) x