Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Let the Cat Out of the Bag | Halifax, NS

I don't cook.    Jason moved in a year and a half ago and he does most of the cooking.  Most?  All.  When it's my turn to cook, we go out for dinner.

Awhile ago, Jason starting talking about chili.  Meh, I can make chili.  I mean, I have made chili... once.  You want it, I'll make it for you.  One cold Saturday evening, I threw everything into the slowcooker and made us some fantastic chili.  It was so good, I made it a couple of weeks later, too.

Jason gave it a ten out of ten!

I was feeling domestic tonight and made an old family favourite - Carole's Chicken.  This one only scored a 7.5.  :-(  Maybe scoring my cooking wasn't such a good idea after all.

But, crap - now Jason knows I can cook.  Well, he knows I can cook chili and chicken.  I didn't think this through very well...  I'm going to have to hide my cookbook!


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  1. at least you didn't tell him about ham and scalloped potatoes..... love you! smh

  2. Maybe you needed some of your special coleslaw to go with the chicken ...could have brought you up to an 8 at least :) - KP

  3. Hehe ... men like that rock. I too, am NOT a cook and we head out for dinner when it's supposed to be my turn. This made me giggle! ;)