Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life on the Hill | Sydney, NS

My great uncle, John, passed away last week.  He was the last surviving member of his family and his passing marks the end of an era for our family.  You see, they were a family of five boys who spent their lives living in spitting distance from one another.  Can you imagine spending ninety years with your brother living next door, and your other brother living next door to him, and your other brother living next door to him, and your other brother living across the street?

The brothers had two sisters, Alice and Ellen, who both passed away before they were adults.  My grandfather's mother must have been a strong, strong woman - she lost her two girls and her husband and she continued on and raised her five boys.

The boys all built homes and families of their own on Kyte's Hill.  I think now of their lives, their stories, their memories, what life must have been like for them.  We have their photos and memories of the stories we've heard, but I wish we had more.  More time, more memories, more moments to take it all in and remember it.

Life will never be the same on the hill. 

Hug the ones you're with, capture your love with a photo, write down your stories - write down their stories.



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  1. ... and write names on the front of the photos, because eventually we start to appreciate that :) we had a big loss, but we were very lucky that we had the brothers as long as we did. we just need to carry on and stay connected. love you! smh

  2. Kare, I adore this post! Truly!