Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beauty really does come from within

I've never felt beautiful in my life. I was a cute baby, but that was where I peaked. Sure, I had days where I felt "cute" but they were few and far between. I hate to have my picture taken because I see all my flaws, so I became the person who takes the pictures.

But then there was the day last fall, on the beach with my boy, having a horrendous hair day, but loving life, loving my boy, and just being in the moment. I look at those pictures and I feel beautiful.

And then there was that day a few months ago, walking in to a room full of people who love me, feeling nervous and on display, but I can see the happiness on my face and I know I look beautiful.

Proof that beauty comes from within; when you feel good, you look good; and that love can work wonders. It's not about the extra weight, the bad hair, the imperfect smile; it's in the love, the joy, and the laughter.

It's beautiful.

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