Thursday, August 15, 2013

When Your Groom is a Hockey Fanatic...

Jason is a huuuuuuuge Chicago Blackhawks fan and we both cheered them on this year to their Stanley Cup win (even though they were playing MY team!). 
How excited were we the night they won!    We even high-fived each other with those two surprise goals at the end of the last game.

My dilemma:  how could I bring a little hockey to the wedding for my groom ?

With a Chicago Blackhawks garter, of course!

Photo © Michael Tompkins

My friend, DeAnna, and I planned this months ago - long before the shortened hockey season even started. 
She's the talented one who was able to whip this up for us. 

Jason and I had the discussion a few months ago about our non-traditional wedding. 
We're not having speeches or toasts, no master of ceremonies, no bouquet toss, no garter, right?  Right. 
He was surprised and nervous when DeAnna told him I had a surprise for him on our wedding day (Oh, no, surprises, were we supposed to have surprises?). 
I grabbed his hand, pulled him onto the stage, and showed him some leg.   He loved it!


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