Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Frigging Decisions | Halifax, NS

Tuesday's appointment with the surgeon threw me for a loop.  Another lump?  I wasn't expecting that.  At all.  It changes everything.  I'm still waiting for a date for the biopsy.  I'm not making any decisions until I get that done. But then what?  I don't know.

Up until now, I haven't read my breast cancer literature.  I cried every time I picked it up.  But now it's time to get informed.  I finished work today, it's time to go on leave.  I can't sit at my desk and cry any more.  Instead, I'll use the time to read and research.  By the time I get my biopsy done and get the results, I'll be ready.

I hope. 


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  1. you'll be ready - you are strong! love you! smh