Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shit | Halifax, NS

That's how I ended the meeting with the surgeon today.  Shit.

I was anxious and nervous about the appointment.  Anxious to get to it and get a date for my surgery, whatever that may be.  Nervous about finding out what exactly the surgery may be.  Today we would decide, we would get a date, and we could prepare.  

But none of that happened.

Instead we got the results of the MRI.  I never told you about the MRI, did I.  I hated it.  For real.  I would tell you about it, but I am trying to block it from my mind.  The results of the MRI were, hmmmm, inconclusive, I suppose.  What they did tell us was that the other breast is all clear.  YAY!  But the breast in question has another abnormality.  Shit.  Cancerous?  We don't know.  I chose to have another biopsy before the surgery to determine what the other little bugger is and do we need to deal with it.  

And so we wait.  Wait for another date.  Have another biopsy and wait for results.  Then wait for a date for surgery.



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  1. hurry-up-and-wait is a tough one. you have lots of love around you while you wait! smh

  2. Kare, I don't know what to say to you except that we love you and want so much for this awful stuff to be over and you to be healthy again. We're praying, and crying and hoping every day that you'll be better soon. Love you, Mom