Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hockey Sticks Make Me Cry | Halifax, Nova Scotia

What?  Hockey sticks don't make you cry?  Oh, I beg to differ...

There's a certain 13 year old boy who plays hockey.  He decided one day recently that he should have a pink hockey stick.  Sure, his mom agreed, but why?  For breast cancer awareness.  This was around the time I was diagnosed so his mom shared my story with him.  Well, for sure he wanted it then.  He wrote my name on the stick and when the boys made fun of him for having a pink stick, it didn't matter, it was his stick and it was important.  No one else gets to touch it or hold it; it is our bond, our connection, his way of helping me fight.

Yesterday, his mom brought me pictures of the stick:

He signed the back of one photo "Thinking of you."  My heart melts and my eyes tear up.  It's more than a hockey stick that makes me cry.  It's love, and awesomeness, and standing up for what you believe in, and being 13 with a heart so huge and strong.

HP, you are amazing and I am so thankful to you for this.


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  1. that is so sweet, Kare! What a neat thing for him to do. brought tears to my eyes too. ahhh.


    (why does everyone post anon?) is that what I'm supposed to do?)

  2. still makes me teary just thinking about it!

    And most people post anon because they don't have a google account - you'll notice they usually leave their initials so I know who's who. You can do it any way you like - I'll still love it (and you!). Much love.

  3. never complain about today's youth - they are a product of their environment, and this kid comes from an amazing one! love you! smh

  4. that's the sweetest thing I heard all day! thanks for sharing... and we are all supporting you! keep blogging, it helps more than just you:)

  5. shel - I agree, HP comes from an amazing family; I have no doubt where he learned compassion.

  6. Thanks, Melissa - I'm glad you're reading and supporting!

  7. Very nice of him! totally agree with the anonymous comment from before about todays youth!