Sunday, January 9, 2011

Strength... | Halifax, NS


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  1. now just where IS that "like' button???

    love ya gal!

  2. This is the time when I hope you are teaching your boyfriend some tricks of your trade so when all is said and done you can look back at the photos he had taken of you and you can say, "Look how strong I was". You have touched so many of our lives with your photos and I just hope that you are taking some photos of your journey now. No, they may not be ones that people would normally take, but all the same they will tell a story some day too, of how well you fought, how strong you were and how you won!.

  3. strength you have....more than you know! love you! smh

  4. ahhhh, great idea to photo my journey. I plan to do it somehow, I just haven't figured out how just yet. Right now, we'll have to settle with words on the blog; down the road, maybe pictures.