Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ryder! | Halifax, NS

In an attempt to keep life as normal as possible, I ventured to Ryder's birthday party.  I haven't wanted to photograph anything since diagnosis.  The only time I've picked up the camera was Christmas day and then the odd time since then.  I had no interest in taking pictures or editing pictures or anything else that comes along with it.  

Ryder's mom is a good friend who insisted I not come to Ryder's party - but instead for me to concentrate on myself and the healing I would need to do.  Jason suggested I go; he knew I needed to pick up the camera for enjoyment.  He was right.

And really, how could I resist this face?

Last November, I was at Ryder's house to take a family photo.  Mom, Dad, and I looked for the perfect location.  We got some pictures on the front step, some on the back step, but were looking for something else.  Let's try a spot in the living room, we'll move the sofa, add some Christmas props and bam! done.  Til we moved the sofa - poor Ryder didn't like that at all!  He had a little meltdown in the corner of the room where the sofa had once been. :-(  Moving the sofa back (quick, quick, quick!) didn't help, but a little bit of The Wiggles on TV sure did.  Imagine my surprise when I saw Ryder moving furniture around during his birthday party! ;-)

And of course, he's on my team, supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and helping me on my journey:

Happy Birthday, Ry!


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  1. Excellent shots!!! Salut!!

    Francesc, Barcelona


  2. he's getting so big! does he think you're spooky-dooky? love, smh

  3. Hi Kare:

    What a great blog. And what a great idea for you to go to the party. Your team just keeps on getting bigger and better. everyone here in FLE sends their love and Prayers.
    Love ya honey, Dad