Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nanny and Grampa Gillis | Halifax, NS

My mother's father always seemed to leave a cupboard door open.  It was his thing.  We all have quirks, this was one of his.  We tend to joke about it, if you walk into a kitchen and a cupboard door is open, perhaps Grampa Gillis has been here - he's been gone 20 years or so now but the comment never gets old. :-)

Once Jason moved in, Grampa Gillis has been here a lot.  There always seemed to be a stray cupboard door left open and it took J awhile to figure out that's what the problem was when I commented "Ohhhh, Grampa Gillis has been here."

Nanny Gillis died when I was about 16.  She had been sick for about 12 years before she died so all my memories of her are with her in her wheelchair unable to speak.  I always felt a connection with her, a kinship perhaps.  A few years ago I visited a psychic.  I'm a "sort of" believer - some things they're able to tell you are just so true.  The psychic I visited told me I had a guardian angel - she was mom's mother, sitting in a wheelchair, with an afghan over her lap and she was holding a dog.  I cried; I knew that if I did indeed have a guardian angel that it would be my mother's mother.  I've always felt that way, I could just feel her with me.

Yesterday morning, as Jason and I were preparing to leave for the hospital I looked into the kitchen and the cupboard door was open.  I turned to Jason to say the inevitable "Ohhhh, Grampa Gillis has been here" when I realized it was a sign that they were both here with me in spirit.  I was immediately comforted knowing that no matter what happened, I would not be alone on this very important day.



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  1. always angels with us - those we see and those we feel. love smh

  2. that is so sweet. brought a tear to my eye. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. I loved reading this.:) -KP

  4. What a lovely story. It helped me to realize how you remembered Nannny & Grampa and what nice memories they are. They loved all of you and I'm sure they are watching over you always. Love, Mom