Monday, May 30, 2011

Northern Exposure | Halifax, NS

Let's face it, there is no shame left - my breasts have been seen by more people than you can imagine in the past six months.  Doctors, nurses, med students, technicians, janitors, they've all taken a peek.  Ha, kidding about that last one, just making sure you were paying attention.

I'm not shy about it; in order to treat it, you've got to see it.  But today during treatment, I felt exposed for the first time.  While setting me up for radiation, one breast is exposed so the technicians can line up my tattoos, while the rest of me is covered.  Should my gown move, the technician will quietly cover me back up.  Today my gown was inadvertently moved during a "roll."  Then it slowly crept its way off.  I couldn't move to cover myself up.  I should have spoken up and asked the technician to cover it but I felt silly - really, what's one more breast for them to see, they've already seen the other.

There were students in the room, which may have attributed to the exposure - they were anxious to get me set up correctly and probably didn't even notice.  The extra people in the room probably also attributed to my angst at being exposed.  You would think after all this time I would be okay with it.  Obviously, with everything I've shared here, I'm not that shy about my treatment and everything that goes along with it.  Maybe I should just think of it as "you've seen one, you've seen them all."

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  1. perhaps you could have tried "ta ta my robe"? love you! smh

  2. That's why health care is free...because you don't get paid when you end up giving an extra show ;) ps. the janitor must be pretty jealous by now. Take Care. Love you. - KP