Saturday, January 8, 2011

Team Karen: The Boob Squad | Halifax, NS

The one thing I've learned so far is that I can't fight this thing alone.  I've got my team, the crew, my posse backing me up all the way.   They do everything they can for me - some come to my appointments with me, some bake, send gifts or flowers, some pray, give hugs, think positive thoughts.  There is no one member of the team more important than the other.  Some are local, others are on the other side of the world.  Some I see every day, others I've never met.  Some support me, some support the people around me - if you've given hugs to my parents in Florida, I've felt it all the way up here in Nova Scotia!

If you're part of my team, I thank you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And if you're not part of my team, whatchya waiting for?


email:  karenk{at}


  1. Hi Karen, I got your sad news from my sister Dyane. As you probably know, one never knows what to say/write... I do however enjoy reading your thoughts through this network. You make me cry and yet you also make me laugh. You're in my thoughts. Take good care and get well real soon! Shirley xx

  2. we are here for you. always know that. we may not know what to say but know we love you. we are here for the whole journey. God bless you and give you strength throughout this trying time. love you bunches, Karen.


  3. Shirley, thanks for checking in. You know all too well the struggle I face; your sister is my daily inspiration. I only wish she had had such a strong, amazing inspiration to see every day, to help realize that there is light at the end of such darkness. Much love!

  4. thanks Shirla - just knowing you're there praying for me and my family gives me strength! Love you, too!