Monday, February 7, 2011

Tonight I Pray for Him | Halifax, NS

His Mom and I were the best of friends in high school.  She was the best friend a girl could ask for - she introduced me to cute boys and helped cover for me when I was late for curfew.  I remember sleep overs, painting parties, and late nights full of talks about the important stuff in life.  Surely it was all about boys and getting into trouble.

After high school and college, our lives drifted apart.  She got married and had a family and I eventually moved away to a life in the big city.  We'd catch up every few years at a wedding or run into each other at the mall and share our most recent news with promises to keep in touch.

Today we spoke by phone.  I knew something big was happening in her life but I didn't know what.  I only knew it wasn't good.  Her voice broke as she told me her youngest, at 13, has just been diagnosed with a tumour.  Her life is in a tailspin and she reached out to me, to see how I was doing and to commiserate.  My struggle seems so insignificant compared to my friend watching her child fight for his life.

Tonight I pray for Cameron.  I pray for his family, for his parents and loved ones to have strength to help him fight.  Tonight I pray hard.



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  1. Wow, what a powerful story. Tonight I spoke to so many people who asked about you and who have had you in their prayers. We all agreed that prayer works and that they will continue to pray until your treatment ends. Now I'll ask them to remember Cameron, a thirteen year old boy from Sydney who needs their prayers as well.
    Love you, Mom

  2. somedays the world does not make sense, and prayers are all we have. love smh

  3. Start off with saying so glad to see you writing again hope this means you are feeling abit better and have a bit of energy, you have been through so much yourself Karen your strength is amazing.Today You made me cry again when I read Of Cameron I went through this fear 16 years ago with my daughter my prayers are with you ,Cameron,and his family

  4. Cameron will be in my prayers as well Karen...having a 13 year old myself, I couldn't even imagine what the mom is going through. We will all be strong for him as well as you and continue to help both of you you lots MP

  5. This reinforces that fact that cancer shows no mercy. I have been praying for Cameron since I heard the terrible news. I cannot imagine how as a 13 year old he is able to deal with this. God Bless him...and you as well Karen. Remember, lots of prayers for both you and Cameron.


  6. i do not know you Karen but i hope your are well. I do however know kelly and cameron and cannot begin to imagine what the family are having to deal with right now.I will be keeping you both in my prayers .

  7. I to do not know but I have met Kelly and her family a few times, My grandmother use to be her neighbor. It takes a strong person to go through wha they are going through. I offen wonder why God choose the people he does. Life is just not fair.