Friday, February 18, 2011

Surgery: Capers in the House!| Halifax, NS

After I met with everyone I needed to meet with and I was all ready to go, Nurse Karen brought me across the hall to the operating room.  I glanced around the room as we entered and she helped me up on to the operating table.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh-shitshitshit-its-really-happening.  I lay down and Karen covers me with a warm blanket.  My eyes well up and tears slowly fall down my face.  Karen grabs my hand, leans over me and looks me straight in the eye, "Don't you worry, we are going to take good care of you."   Comforted, I nod and wipe a tear away.

Karen knows I need a distraction and starts asking me questions:  Who are all those people you have with you?  Where are you from?  When I state that I'm from Sydney, Dr. Y (the anesthesiologist) pipes up.  Turns out he's a Caper, too!  Apparently, this is great news for me - he inserts the IV into my arm and tells me it's saline, salt water, the good stuff since I'm from Cape Breton, not the stuff from the Halifax Harbour that he uses on everyone else.

Karen places the oxygen mask on my face and tells me it's time.  I know the happy drugs have started as I smile and drift off to sleep...


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  1. Hah Hope my Dentist people didn't use Halifax Harbour Saline on me!

  2. you know what poppy no says - God's country! love you! smh