Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surgery: Pre-Op | Halifax, NS

Surgery was a breeze.  Okay, not really, but I had myself so worked up for it for so long and then suddenly it was here without any warning.  So the day of, my mindset was "let's just get 'er done."

Once registered, my posse got themselves settled into the waiting room and I went across the hall for a briefing from one of the nurses.  They had me change into my gown and pretty green housecoat and blue slippers - I've seen pictures, it wasn't pretty.  My posse came over and joined me in the teeny pre-op waiting room.  I was called out of the room several times to meet with another nurse, the anesthesiologist, a resident, and my surgeon.

Dr. Y, the anesthesiologist, was such a kind soft-spoken white haired gentlemen.  He was discussing the tube that would be inserted in my mouth during the surgery; I asked that he be careful while doing it.  His eyes twinkled, he chuckled and said softly, "Oh, don't you worry, we're always careful."  It was then that I imagined he'd make a great Santa Claus.

The resident tried to look important during our meeting.  He flipped through my chart, but didn't really seem to know what he was looking for.  He was the one to mark me for surgery, but first asked me all the questions everyone else had been asking me:  name, date of birth, rank, serial number.  :-)  He confirms it is the right breast being operated on and marks me with a big X on my right hand.  An X?  Really?  Doesn't an X usually signify no?  This doesn't seem right to me! Ackkkkk!  "Um, you're doing the right breast, correct?  The X means that's the side you're doing?"  I squeak.  "Yes," he states matter of factly, "any markings will indicate that's the side we're operating on."  Well, really then, couldn't you put a check mark and save me from panicking?

I meet with my surgeon, Dr. P.  We're running a bit late at this point, about 45 minutes past the time surgery was to have started.  We discuss the surgery and sign the consent form.  I ask him, "How are you feeling, everything good, you had lunch?" "Oh yeah, I'm feeling great," he replies; "I was just out back reading the manual so I'm good to go."  Good to know...


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  1. Didn't you know that "X" Marks the spot???

  2. lol yes, X marks the spot, but you can see where I needed to be absolutely sure, right?