Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today Should Have Been the Day | Halifax, NS

February 15, 2010.  It was supposed to be the day of my surgery.  Oh, it seemed so far away!  There was so much time to worry and fret.  The angst I was having.  I was afraid I would die on the operating table and I kept making mental lists of what needed to be done before the surgery.  I wanted my life tidied up - literally and figuratively.  Clean out the storage closet / decide what should be done with my stuff / make a list of bank accounts / and on and on and on...  

Then we got the call on February 2 to come in and  have surgery the very next day.  In the midst of the snowstorm, off we went to meet with Margaret (the breast health nurse) and have a dye injection in my breast (it helps locate the lymph nodes during the surgery).  My time of worrying was over with the buzz of all the activity. 

The morning of February 3rd, en route to the hospital with my gang; I don't look worried at all, although I think I was distracted by my cute new mittens (thanks Nancy!):

Even though I was either asleep or high most of the day, I still have a few stories that needed to be blogged, things I want to remember, things that will make you giggle.  They'll be coming soon.


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  1. not sure if you were distracted by the mittens or the thought of b taking them! love, smh

  2. Karen, this post really touched me. I pray for a full recovery for you...with lots of photos and blog posts to follow!