Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Karla | Halifax, NS to Toronto, ON

We met on July 8, 2003.  Karla and I were hired to work in the same department and this was my first day on the job; she had been employed with the company for a year at that time so she knew all the ropes.

I had left my job in Sydney and moved to Halifax and the promises that the big city held.  I had family in the city, but no friends to call my own.   My new position looked interesting and I looked forward to meeting new people and making a new life.  As luck would have it, Karla and I had desks adjacent to each other.  I was "the new girl" with some of our co-workers and was never really accepted, but not so with Karla.  It took awhile but we soon started having lunch together, then the occasional dinner.  Soon "occasional" became "frequent" and we became great friends.

Karla has big changes in her life and is leaving Halifax and heading to Toronto.  I am excited for her and hopeful that she will embrace the change and take advantage of all things the big city has to offer.  But I'm sad for me.

Karla, my dear friend, I am going to miss our lunches, our Girls' Nights, the rent-a-kitties, and our 2 o'clock specials.  You have been a wonderful friend and I wish nothing but the best for you.  I continue to hold out the hope that you and Justin will discover that Halifax is home and head back this way in a couple of years.  So enjoy Toronto, but remember your East Coast roots.  Don't stay away too long.



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  1. you forgot to mention she is a FABULOUS packer! all the best in TO Karla! smh

  2. You also forgot to mention her Newfoundland roots! Good luck in the big city, Karla. Love from Jamie & Ann

  3. :) I feel special to have made the blog. I Will miss you more than you'll ever know! Love you KK! - KP