Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Pity Party | Halifax, NS

I have cancer.  So what did I do?  I had my very own "ohmyGodihavecancer" Pity Party and it lasted a full two weeks.  That's right, I wallowed in it.  Did you see me?  You're probably surprised.  I faked it pretty well.  I had the odd public tear but I held my head up pretty well; you probably even heard me laughing and joking.  And when you asked how I was I told you I was doing pretty good.  Then I'd come home and get out the party hats and noisemakers and wallow in it some more.

I thought the Pity Party was over, I'm having a great couple of days - two in a row, whoohoo... then it hits.  Tears in the car.  Tears when I get home.  How long is this supposed to last?   Is it normal?  I'm beginning to wonder.  I could Google it, but I'm not really sure I want to know whether I'm normal or not.  I mean, it'll just freak me out if "normal" moved on from the Pity Party long before this. 


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  1. the grief is normal. not much about you is normal ;) but yes, this is. ss

  2. inspire me so much. I cannot imagine what you are going though and I hope to God that I never will. I think we all hope that...and then, the we hear awful dreaded words. What you are going though is not a pity party,it is simply an emotional reaction. I know I would cry a river or two. I love that you are doing these will be such an inspiration to others, and when you have won this battle, you will look back and remember how hard you fought to be where you!! My friend, Shauna, who is a breast cancer survivor, had a favorite saying....I have cancer, but cancer will never have me!!!