Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Words, words, words... | Halifax, NS

All the words from yesterday, they're in my head, rattling around, waking me up.  Sleep was broken last night and as I lay in bed this morning, the words dance around and give me angst.  My moods are up and down, yesterday I was fine, the words didn't scare me and I could make light of them.  Today, notsomuch.

In the midst of my angst and fear I put on my happy face and head to work.

Don't be afraid for me, it will pass, it always does.


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  1. (((((Hugs, Kare))))) and lots of love. ♥

  2. you cannot be strong all of the time - sad to say, you're normal. lean on us. love you! smh

  3. You're doing great! I like that you're using the blog to document your thoughts during this time, you will always have something to look back on and be proud of your journey.