Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An overload of information... | Halifax, NS

My posse and I met with my surgeon today - I really liked him.   He took the time to meet my crew (I think we need a fancy name for them!), explained the options, and answered all the questions.

What do we know?  Right now, not much more than before.  There was so much to take in:  lumpectomy, MRI, lymph nodes, drainage tubes, training session, radiation, recovery, dishes...  Dishes?  Yeah, I also met the Breast Health Nurse Coordinator to get acquainted and discuss a bit of the process with her.   One of my posse asked about recovery from surgery, the nurse mentioned some exercises I'd be doing, said I should be sure to do the dishes, etc.  Dishes?  I don't do dishes now, why would I do them later?  Blah, the things you have to do to get back on your feet!

First step, an MRI to get a better look at the girls.  Then another meeting with the doc and see where we go.  Surgery is looking like it will be another few weeks away at this point.  I'm okay with that, I'm keeping my head together and thinking positively.


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  1. Your posse sounds like they are a huge help! Liking your surgeon is a good thing. ... doing dishes? I'm with you on that. Take care and know I'm thinking about you and look for your blog daily! Love you girl!

  2. to be fair, she said tasks that use both hands. your aunt thought dusting her place would fit the bill nicely! love you! smh