Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why I Blog | Halifax, NS

It seems my photo journey has become my cancer journey.  Some of you probably wonder why I blog something so personal here on a blog that is meant to promote my photography business.  Well, there are many reasons for that.  Let me try to explain...

This blog has always had a personal aspect to it.  In order to share my business, I also tend to share my life.  It would be pretty dry if it was just a blog of pictures.  Not to mention, it would be pretty bare since pictures are firstly shared on facebook and dont always make it to the blog. :-)

Then there is the cancer.  I cant tell everyone my news.  It is draining.  Trust me on that.  People need to know, they will find out, and they will wonder how I am doing.  This covers all the bases.  

I like to write.  Really, I do.  I am not a fabulous writer, I know that, but it comforts me to put the words down on paper and to look back on them and remember specific periods of my life. 

And perhaps the biggest reason why I blog right now... it makes me feel good.  People comment or email or send facebook messages and I feel all the love.  I know there are prayers out there for me and my family, I know it comforts others to read my story, and I know that I have my army of family and friends fighting with me.

That is reason enough for me.


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  1. and you're breaking the cycle! love, smh

  2. Karen, I think the personal posts are great. Sometimes I think it just needs to be out there, whatever it is... and I can't act 100% like everything's ok all the time - it's what makes a blog real. Keep your chin up, we [readers] care... some just don't know what to say. but they care about your journey! xoxo B